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Reverse Mount + Reverse 1/2 Mount Revisited

As readers of this blog know, I am very fond of leg locks. I think that despite their recent popularity, they are still underutilized. In my experience, far too many upper belts are clueless when it comes to how to use and defend against leg locks. Since I am teaching class tomorrow at the academy, I thought I would go over some leg locks in an effort to address the hole in people's games. My focus will be on two positions I love--namely, what I call reverse mount and reverse 1/2 mount. I will be focusing on knee bars and toe holds. So, as I often do when I teach a class, I am going to post some videos here that cover the techniques I will be covering in class--namely, the rolling toe hold, the knee trap to knee bar, the knee bar/toe hold combination from reverse mount, and the calf slicer from reverse 1/2 mount. So, without further ado!

Rolling toe hold:

Knee trap:

Knee bar/toe hold from reverse mount:

Calf slicer from reverse 1/2 mount:



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This is really good, great list of videos, thanks!

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