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Sven Nyholm

A small thing to fix, in case this hasn't already been sent to the presses, is that Kant's Metaphysics of Morals was published in 1797, not 1780.

Eddy Nahmias

For f*cks sake, is no one reading this blog anymore?? Josh does an x-phi study using *porn* and no one says anything for more than 2 days! The burning chair is smoldering...

Anyway, very interesting results. My only comment for now is that I remember thinking about Wegner and Gray's study (where they found that children were higher on the consciousness scale than adults and God was low) that people likely ranked children higher than adults on the conscious states like fear, pain, and desire because children are more apt to experience those states since they are less able to control them (and God is not subject to fear, desire, and pain).

Perhaps something similar is happening here: naked people are (literally and figuratively) more exposed and hence more apt to be subjected to conditions that produce fear, pain, and (indeed!) desire, though the models you've got at end of paper (blurred out!) look pretty capable of handling themselves. Maybe naked people just look more emotional (or prime higher emotions in respondents)? But I say all this without having read the paper carefully.

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