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Gordon Cornwall

I don't see any limitation on this guy's freedom. The 'manipulator' is just doing what parents, teachers, and peer groups do: trying to instill values in someone he cares about.


this argument I think is equivocation. Nietzsche (I reference him since I read him the most) would argue that OF COURSE your perspective is influenced by the values around you, whether they be an active manipulator or a form of normalization by the state. HOWEVER, that does not mean that do not act according to your will. It SEEMS this is not freedom, but that's only because you're using the LFW version of freedom, in which case, of course it is not because such a thing is not possible.

harvey brockman

Hi Joshua -
May i suggest some changes to the wording of the paragraph that begins "Now we face a problem" --- Shouldn't the next sentence be written: "According to many compatibilist theories, since your actions stemmed directly from your own values, your action counts as perfectly free"? And the next as: "Yet it seems intuitive to some people that your action is not free at all"? And the next as: "So some people disagree, 'intuitively', with the compatibilists as to what counts as a free action"? I think this hints at the murkiness of the philosophical problem here (or the murkiness of my understanding of the compatibilist?!); if the problem is murky, then the utility of "thought experiments" is in doubt...

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