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Andrés Ruiz

Easy to navigate.

But that goodness that background.

Thomas Nadelhoffer

I will be the second to politely suggest you reconsider the background. On the one hand, it's visually jarring and it screws up the otherwise easily navigable interface. On the other hand, I think at this point experimental philosophy is a big enough tent that we ought not send the message that we're on some armchair burning crusade. Just my two cents. That being said, thanks for all your hard work in updating the content, etc. You've done a great service to the whole community!

Eddy Nahmias

Burning armchairs are old hat. How about dead armchairs:

Or armchairs that are clearly about to burn:

Actually, I began by looking for an image of armchairs working together in a laboratory, but couldn't find one. In the meantime, if you google image armchairs, you find some remarkable designs, and you also find evidence of some Wittgensteinian ideas.

Jonathan Phillips

And by popular request, the page now has a new background:

Sorry Eddy - I tried to go for a repeating skull-armchair image, but the white text ended up being pretty hard to read.

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