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Thomas Nadelhoffer

I included Cornell in the earlier list because Derk Pereboom has worked on some projects on free will with some of his students. Plus, David Pizarro is in the psychology department (and would be happy to work with philosophy students). As such, I would encourage you to add it to this list as well.

Also, given Berit Brogaard's great work in neuro-philosophy and philosophy of mind, it would seem that Miami should be included as well.

Finally, there are likely lots of places in the UK that would be suitable...but I don't know as much about the x-phi scene over there. So, it would be helpful if those in the know added their two cents!

Justin Sytsma

Another place worth adding would be Utah, with Jonah Schupbach as well as Dustin Stokes and Jim Tabery.

(And agree about Miami; I would consider Brogaard's work on synesthesia to be experimental philosophy.)

Joshua Knobe

Those are great suggestions, and I went ahead and added them all.

Definitely looking forward to any further information that could prove useful here!

Edouard MAchery

You could add Chris Olivola at CMU - we are collaborating together on various projects.

Steven Gross

Hi Josh,

At Johns Hopkins we've had a few recent grad students who have done work in experimental philosophy or have done work with an experimental component. There are various faculty in cognate departments who advise philosophy students on experimental matters and have served on dissertation committees (for example, Justin Halberda from our Psychological and Brain Sciences Department).


Nat Hansen

Emmanuel Chemla is in the Cognitive Science and Psycholinguistics Lab at the ENS, which is closely related to the Institut Jean-Nicod---both are (I think) part of the Département d'Etudes Cognitives of the ENS (Emmanuel is housed in the same building as the people at Nicod). So he should be on the Jean-Nicod list (or a Jean-Nicod/ENS list).


It was my understanding that Simine is going to UC Davis (alas)--but there are other psychologists at Wash U very involved with the PPN program.

Edouard MAchery

Also I should have mentioned by co-author at Jean Nicod, Tizianna Zalla.

Joshua Knobe

Brian, Edouard and Nat,

Thanks so much! I've added all of that information.


Thanks -- I added in Justin, and if there's anyone else you'd like me to add, just let me know.

John Turri

Hi Josh,

Thanks for doing this. You could add Mathieu Doucet ( to the Waterloo list, seeing that he has co-authored an x-phi paper and is currently doing graduate supervision on an x-phi project.

Jonathon Hricko

Thanks for putting this list together!

I'm guessing that Steven Gross himself wouldn't mind being listed under Johns Hopkins, given that he is/was the primary supervisor of the grad students he mentioned, and given that some of his recent co-authored work falls within x-phi.

David Rose

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the helpful list. I was thinking that UNC might be good. Specifically, Laurie Paul seems friendly to x-phi. As far as I'm aware, she hasn't actually done any of her own experiments but she has drawn on empirical work in some of her her writings. And, I think she's gearing up to do some empirical work related to her latest stuff on transformative experience. So I'm thinking she'd be supportive of people doing x-phi.

Also, for Rutgers, you might add Alvin Goldman. Like Laurie, he hasn't conducted any experiments of his own. But he has written on issues in experimental philosophy and I think would be supportive of people doing x-phi.

Joshua Knobe

Fantastic -- I've added all of those people now as well.

Also, if any readers have actually studied at any of these places, please feel free to write in with some impressions about your experience and how things went.

Mikkel Gerken

If general friendliness to philosophy-cog sci interaction counts, consider adding Edinburgh. (Mikkel Gerken, Suilin Lavelle, Mark Sprevak, Andy Clark, David Ward philosophically informed vision scientist David Carmel and Robert Rupert 20% time). Suilin and I have a bit of experience with empirical studies.

Joshua Knobe

Hi Mikkel,

Great -- I went ahead and added entries for you and Suilin Lavelle. Let me know if there is anything else you think I should add.

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